Thursday, January 5, 2017

I’m sitting at my office right now.  Minneapolis traffic sounds in the background, a copper cup filled jalapeño Moscow mule, all smiles awaiting the release of my single “Say I Do” tomorrow morning.  I was absolutely humbled this week, when we previewed the single for 48 hours.  The amount of messages I received, and the thousands of ‘listens’ put me to tears.  I feel incredibly humbled, and I truly believe that we are all in this together.  I just truly couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who is supporting this project.   It’s my baby, and my diary, and vulnerably putting it all out there can be a scary thing – so know your words, and likes, and listens, they mean the world.  

Working today through a list of thank you notes, hammering through the final checklist for the upcoming month, I’ve been knocking out more of the back office work.  And, although it’s already been several hours getting back to venues, following up with booking inquires, merchandisers, distribution, other artists, and the general daily to-dos, I feel no anxiety, just peace, and like I just drank a red bull and have the wings to continue through the night.   I’ve been learning how when you truly follow your purpose, and do what you absolutely love, work isn’t work any longer, it’s just what you were put on earth for.  A new beginning is a scary, yet incredible blessing, and I’m hoping I have all the fight in the world in me, to give this mission every ounce I have.  There’s been so much peace and fulfillment in realigning with a purpose driven life, spiritually, interpersonally, and in involvement with community. 

So I guess I’ll close with – I’m so FRICKING pumped!  And THANK YOU for being on this journey with me.   Just like the beginning of the single’s lyrics state, I say these words back to you – and I truly mean it!


I’d do it ya all for you

I’d travel up to the moon

As far as it seems


Lets travel the world a thousand places together.