Sarah Christine is a Minneapolis, MN & Denver, CO based Singer Songwriter with a music mission of being “In It Together” and following dreams as a community.  Initially introduced to the music scene when she wrote for and performed with band SarahLou in 2014, she broke into solo songwriting after members of the band moved out of state.  As a solo artist, Sarah has written, composed, arranged and produced two full length albums (Unheard and Breaking Silence) as well as three singles “Say I Do”, “Summer Nights”, and “Home For Christmas”.  Sarah has been recognized as one of the most high-potential up and coming singer/songwriters recently recognized and awarded by an LA based firm for Best Independent Pop Album in March 2019 for Breaking Silence (“It is the opinion of the firm & board that this work represents an important contribution towards the diversity and advancement of the global music community”).   Sarah also released a music video of “Like The Movies” directed and filmed by TogFilms.  Sarah’s upcoming tour “To The Mountains” kicks off April 4, 2019 and will tour through Colorado, Utah, California and Lake Tahoe as well as private bookings.   Her song “Malibu” was picked up by FM Radio streaming live starting April 1, 2019 in LA, Texas, New York City, Sydney, Australia, London, UK, Miami, and Tokyo, Japan.  Whether a solo, intimate, performance, or partnered with full band, Sarah Christine is incredibly interactive with the crowd and is packing venues across the country!

“Every vision/dream starts with a decision to go for it and give everything you have!  We are in the hustle of this musical journey together, and for that, I can’t thank you enough for all you are to my projects, concerts, and everything that goes into making music come alive.  This is our adventure together.  It takes a community, an army, and you are mine, and I am proud to be yours.  You are my lyrics - thank you - and it is a pleasure writing with and for you!  Here’s to making dreams come true and always living on purpose!”

Love to all! - S