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Sarah Christine (born Sept. 8 1984) is a Minneapolis based singer and songwriter. She was initially introduced to the public when she performed with band SarahLou in 2014.  Releasing her first solo album in 2016, Sarah is deemed one of the most-high potential singer/songwriters in the Midwest, playing shows across California, New York, and the Midwest.


Childhood: Sarah Christine was born in St Paul, MN and grew up in birth place of Minnesota – Stillwater. She then graduated to play NCAA basketball for St Cloud State and Bethel University which was also where she fell in love with music. Sarah taught herself the acoustic guitar, ukulele, and found her voice.  Majoring in Business with a Marketing emphasis, she was advised to also begin pursuing a music career.


Growing up, Sarah Christine was classically trained on the piano and learned to play the guitar and ukulele while in college while writing her own songs. Inspired by Folk, Indie and Pop music, a love for Electronic music also evolved.  A unique combination of EDM, Pop and Folk are evident in her new sound on her upcoming album. Sarah has a fond relationship with the talented Minneapolis based DJ Chrystal Mann in which their frequent collaboration on stage makes for an insane performance of both of their incredible raw talent and production of Sarah’s debut album, Unheard.

Music Career: Sarah Christine will release her debut album late Fall 2016.  Partnering with DJ Chrystal Mann on stage, no matter if a solo performance, or partnered with Chrystal, the band is packing venues in the Midwest, L.A., New York City, etc., and it’s clear – there’s immediate airplay in the very near future!